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How to manage a million firewalls – part 1

In my last post I argued that security groups eliminate the need for network security devices in certain parts of the datacenter. The trick that enables this is the network firewall in the hypervisor. Each hypervisor hosts dozens or hundreds of VMs — and provides a firewall per VM. The figure below shows a typical setup, with […]


Launching an Amazon EC2 Server – The easy and fast way – AWS!

Introduction Friends! This is a very quick tutorial on how to setup your first Amazon EC2 Linux instance without much hassles. Please note that this is a very INSECURE way but it is fine as long a you understand how is it insecure. For example, when inbound IP is it allows all the IPv4 […]


Amazon AWS EC2 first impressions

I’m going to test the Amazon Web Services using a free account The first you have to do is to créate an AWS account Go to http://aws.amazon.com, and click Create an AWS Account. Follow the on-screen instructions.Part of the sign-up procedure involves receiving a phone call and entering a PIN using the phone keypad This is […]