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Download, minify & resize images on a different processor core in Node.JS

We’ll explore how to use cluster (from the standard library), GraphicsMagick, and streams to efficiently process images without slowing down or blocking the Node.JS event loop Skip to the end if you just want a link to the full source! Background and motivation When I first showed tsatter.com to the world it slowed some people’s computers […]


Kubernetes cluster setup tool for HP Helion OpenStack

Click to Read: This repository contains the code and instructions for the hpcloud-kubesetup installer, which deploys a Kubernetes cluster to the HP Helion Public Cloud or to any HP Helion OpenStack environment. The process runs on your workstation, provisioning the cluster remotely.

Securing a Couchbase Server Deployment

As more and more sensitive information is stored in NoSQL databases, security has become a growing concern. In fact, many organizations are looking at locking down the cluster, encrypting sensitive data using applications, and other third-party technologies to build a defense-in-depth security solution across their application stack. Join this session to learn about new security features in 3.0 and other ways in which you can protect your Couchbase apps.