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Getting Started with Jekyll (plus a Free Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme)

Getting Started with Jekyll (plus a Free Bootstrap 3 Starter Theme)
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Jekyll is a simple and blog-aware static site generator built in Ruby. In laymen terms, it’s just a tool to let you have all the cool features of a full-blown CMS without having to worry about managing a database. This means hosting is extremely easy and scalable since all you’re doing is managing a bunch of files.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started. It doesn’t matter if your a seasoned Ruby developer or have never written a line of Ruby in your life. We’ll also walk-through some best practice approaches and provide you with an awesome free starter Jekyll theme with Bootstrap 3 for you to fork and repurpose.


You can check-out a demo the blog we’re building here or dive straight into the theme’s code here. Our starter theme should be helpful for several reasons:

  • Bootstrap 3 integrated
  • Organized global variables
  • All config settings setup
  • Pages setup in their own folder
  • Simple BS3 pagination demo
  • Dead simple layout simple
  • .gitignore already setup
  • Multiple post options: Featured Image, Video, Lead Text, etc.
  • Category and tag integration
  • Huge, in-your-face, blog-style you can easily change (accepting pull requests)

Custom Display, Review and Expiry date in Liferay

Recently we had a requirement where we want all our new articles to go live next day, up for review in 6 months and automatically expire in 1 year. Of course, all this can be overriden by content authors at the time of content creation. But these are the defaults we wanted. To achieve this […]



via Codeblog – JavaScript deconstructed: Opening external links in a new window.

Forcing a hyperlink to open in a new window1 is something you can do by setting target="_blank" on your HTML element. But if you use a CMS or write with Markdown, you have little control over the HTML that renders to the page.

With JavaScript, we can enhance the default behavior of a hyperlink to make it open external URLs in a new window. Since this enhancement hosts a couple of important JavaScript concepts, I’m going to break it down for you.

Note that the following code works in Internet Explorer 9 and up, and in all other modern browsers. You do not need jQuery.


If you need external hyperlinks on your page to open in a new window, copy the JavaScript (IE9+) below. If you want to learn a bit about JavaScript, dig in.

How To Build Template Driven Java Websites with FreeMarker and RESTEasy

via How To Build Template Driven Java Websites with FreeMarker and RESTEasy.

Last week I wrote about why you should switch to a templating engine from Java Server Pages. This week I’ll take it a step further and show you how to use FreeMarker, along with Bootstrap and RESTEasy, to create truly template driven websites. By adding a thin layer on top of FreeMarker, you’ll be able to theme your Java web apps like anything built on top of a CMS like WordPress or Drupal.