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Intermediate Game Programming with Cocos2D

If you’ve finished the Beginning Game Programming with Cocos2D tutorials and are itching for some more, check out these tutorials for more advanced techniques!

How To Make a Letter / Word Game with UIKit: Part 1/3

How To Make a Letter / Word Game with UIKit: Part 1/3

Are you a seasoned iOS developer who is thinking of creating an iOS game, but have no experience programming games? Maybe learning OpenGL ES makes you uncomfortable, or maybe you’ve just never crossed paths with Cocos2d for iPhone?

Well, good news! UIKit is a power tool for game developers. Its high-end frameworks provide you with the means to create all of your game logic, from creating animations (including frame-animation) to playing audio and video.

This 3-part tutorial series will guide you through the process of building a board game for the iPad, where you create words with letters. You’ll also learn about best practices for creating solid, modular iOS apps. And as a bonus, you’ll get a crash course in audio-visual effects with UIKit!

This tutorial series is designed for readers who are already somewhat familiar with Objective-C, and thus won’t go over details like primitive types or syntax. If your Obj-C knowledge is rusty, I recommend checking out our Objective-C Crash Course.

Click through to get your game on!