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A Python & RabbitMQ bi-directional message queue abstraction from 1 server to N-clients.

RabbitMQ is a message queue server (which uses underneath a database repository (SQLite) to add some level of persistency to message abstractions in a communications channel. I would prefer to use a network database like PostgreSQL to provide db-oriented state tracking glue between components; however, RabbitMQ has a lot of rabid followers out there…  Parenthetically, […]


Writing basic wrappers to R basic commands to facilitate scaling up.

Although there are R packages that help implement disk-based data structures, R is positioned as memory based. Simply put, the most straightforward way to handle memory issues on R is to simply run on 64-bit platforms with plenty of memory like a larger m-type EC2 instance. For Linux systems it is also possible to create […]