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Building our home-screen, Dev – 1.0

As we said in previous blog post we decided to use Objective-C to build a native iOS app. We have been working hard on the development and this is where we are so far : These are two screen shots taken from the progress made so far. We have a live map of Ireland that updates daily. It […]


The social stream – Dev 2.0

The social stream Now that we have our map working and our EventObjects are parsed it is time to start developing the social stream. Social Stream Definition  I will explain the social stream for those of you that have not followed us from the start. The user can view the social stream of any event by clicking […]


How to generate different sql scripts through pom.xml

In this post, we will see how to generate different sql scripts using our pom.xml from maven project with a little help from hibernate.


What’s up with array.prototype.filter() ?

Recently while trying to complete a new bonfire challenge from FCC, I was introduced to a new array object called array.prototype.filter() since its documentation on MDN is clearly not exactly cut out for the beginners, I had to dig deeper into the bowels of world wide web and thought I would jot down my experience […]


Codecademy.com – JavaScript Course Impressions

In my day to day job we use JavaScript in anger (or at least have to deal with it) on a sporadic basis. We dive into T-SQL, C# (either for server side logic in web applications or for desktop applications) and other parts of web development (CSS and HTML) on a rapidly spinning merry-go-round of […]