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Integrating NodeJS & Python to Write Cross-Language Modules using pyExecJs

via Integrating Node.js & Python to Write Cross-Language Modules using pyExecJs | Codementor.

To answer the inevitable first question of “why” I’m doing this tutorial, it’s because I have been writing more and more JavaScript lately, and I have been using paver, which is a Python module, to automate my JavaScript build tasks (e.g. compiling CoffeeScript, and minification.)

Now, in an attempt to minimize the actual amount of JavaScript I write, I would like to add ng-annotate as a step in my build process. This will allow me to write all of my angular code without thinking about its dependency injection, but still taking advantage of it. However, there currently is no Python module that I can use to run code through ng-annotate, which is a JavaScript library.

Spider: An Exciting Alternative to JavaScript

via Spider: An Exciting Alternative to JavaScript.

Spider is one of the new languages that try to improve our codes by providing more reliability. Some could certainly describe it as CoffeeScript with JavaScript syntax, but such description would fail to emphasize the real benefits of Spider.

Spider contains a lot more unique and interesting concepts than most alternatives like CoffeeScript. While the latter is certainly more mature than Spider, we get some nice options by choosing the language named after the eight legged arthropods. If we just want to experiment a little bit with yet another language, search for a trustworthy JavaScript alternative, or try to write less and do more, Spider seems to be a good candidate.

10 Essential SublimeText Plugins for JavaScript Developers

via 10 Essential SublimeText Plugins for JavaScript Developers.

Sublime Text is a great application for just about any developer to have in their toolbox. It is a cross platform, highly customizable, advanced text editor and sits nicely between full featured IDEs (which are notoriously resource hungry) and command line editors such Vim or Emacs (which have steep learning curves).

One of the things that makes Sublime so great is its extensible plugin architecture. This makes it easy for developers to extend Sublime’s core functionality with new features such as code completion, or the embedding of remote API documentation. Sublime Text doesn’t come with plugins enabled out of the box — they are typically installed through a 3rd party package manager simply called Package Control. To install Package Control in Sublime Text, please follow the installation guide on their website.

In this article, I will outline ten must-have Sublime plugins for JavaScript developers, each of which can improve your workflow and make you more productive. So let’s get to it!

ECMAScript 6 Features: Comparison between ECMA5 and ECMA6 features

via dnbard/es6-guide · GitHub.

Arrows are a function shorthand using the => syntax. They are syntactically similar to the related feature in C#, Java 8 and CoffeeScript. They support both expression and statement bodies. Unlike functions, arrows share the same lexical this as their surrounding code.

Making the most of JavaScript’s “future” today with Babel

via StrongLoop | Making the most of JavaScript’s “future” today with Babel.

From CoffeeScript to ClojureScript to PureScript to CobolScript to DogeScript (woof woof!), JavaScript is the write-once-run-anywhere target for many forms and styles of programming. Yet, its biggest compile-to-language today actually isn’t any of these adaptations; its JavaScript itself.

Practical CoffeeScript: Making a Tic-Tac-Toe Game

via Practical CoffeeScript: Making a Tic-Tac-Toe Game.

CoffeeScript is a tiny little language that compiles to JavaScript. There is no interpretation at runtime since you write CoffeeScript, compile it to JavaScript and use the resulting JavaScript files for your app. You can use any JavaScript library (e.g. jQuery) from within CoffeeScript, just by using its features with the appropriate CoffeeScript syntax. CoffeeScript can be used both for writing JavaScript on the front-end and JavaScript on the back-end.

Video: Loops, Arrays and Objects in CoffeeScript – Methods & Two-dimensional Arrays

Lesson 13 of the CoffeeScript foundations course
Stage: Loops, Arrays and Objects

In this lesson we’ll talk about some useful methods for Arrays and also we’ll talk about Two-dimensional arrays and how to work with them, we also have a #CoffeeChallenge and #CoffeeQuiz!

Once you solve the challenge or the quiz of this lesson drop us a line on twitter with the #CoffeeChallenge and #CoffeeQuiz hashtag!

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