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Using REST APis with Cloudera

We added a new function to the oozie and it forces us to do some extra post installation tasks: Copy the jar to oozie read location Update a few configuration parameters Posting a question in Cloudera forum returned with a quick answer that helped me write the script below. Note – I could have the script much shorter, […]


Updating CDH configuration using python and REST APIs

I have improved my previous script in the previous post Now I’ve composed some python script (my first serious python script…) (And I think it can be done easily in bash…) The script could be beautified, but I think it is quiet readable as it is now. this particular script modify two parameters for YARN. the […]


Configure Git Repository in Visual Studio 2015

Since 2013 version Visual Studio includes integration with GIT repositories without installing extensions. This way is much easier to use this source control provider. Is very easy to add a repository. First thing to do is right click on the solution and select “Add Solution to Source Control”: Visual studio will ask you to introduce […]


Pitfalls when using libraries of newer version than shipped with JDeveloper or WebLogic Server

A question on JDeveloper & ADF OTN forum cought my attention. A user wanted to use a method of the Apache Commons-IO library named FileUtils.getTempDiretory() but got an error when he tried to use code completion or when he tried to compile the code. The problem was that the compiler (or code completion) did not […]