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Integrating Local Notifications in Cordova Apps

via Integrating Local Notifications in Cordova Apps.

Local notifications let an application inform its users that it has something for them. For example, a reminder or an new item for sale while the application isn’t running in the foreground. Local notifications are considered the best way by which an app can communicate with its user, even if the user is not actively using the app.

In this tutorial I will show you how to trigger local notifications in a cordova based app. I will explain how local notification work, how they differ from push notifications and the APIs provided by the Cordova Local-Notification Plugin to trigger local notifications. I will create a basic Reminder app to show how to use the Cordova Local-Notification plugin in a real world project.

Debugging Cordova Apps with DebugGap

via Debugging Cordova Apps with DebugGap.

For debugging a web application in a desktop browser, there are a myriad tools available such as Chrome’s developer tools or the Firefox firebug add on. Native application development have IDEs that provide integrated debugging tools. But hybrid applications that use a web view have always been harder to debug.

Debuggap is a tool to debug cross platform mobile apps. It’s easy to use and get started. All you need to do is download the package, include a JavaScript file and run the app on a device or emulator.

It can debug apps across different mobile platforms and is supported on Windows, Mac & Linux.