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Video: Building Mobile Apps with Visual Studio (Session Recording)

We’ve all heard about the various ways to build mobile apps such as web vs. hybrid vs. native…but what does that mean for .NET developers who enjoy the rich feature set of Visual Studio? Do we need to invest in (insert web framework of the month), expensive native platform developers or a shiny new Mac? In this session from TelerikNEXT, I covered your options as a .NET developer and showed several approaches to write apps that run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. I looked at using Cordova (with Telerik AppBuilder), Windows Universal and Xamarin, as well as ASP.NET. This session offers you the information you need to make the best choice for you or your organization.


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Video: Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

In this episode, Robert is joined by Ryan Salva, who shows us what’s new in the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. These enable developers to use their HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or TypeScript) skills to write and debug Windows, iOS and Android apps. Ryan focuses on the most recent additions to the tools, including changes to the project system and support for the latest in modern Web technologies.

WordPress Hybrid Client: WordPress Powered iOS/Android Apps

via WordPress Hybrid Client: WordPress Powered iOS/Android Apps.

WordPress Hybrid Client (WPHC) is an Open Source project available on GitHub that lets you easily create iOS and Android versions of your WordPress website for free.

WPHC is based on the Open Source hybrid stack Ionic SDK, Cordova, and Crosswalk .

Scanning a QR Code with Cordova

via Scanning a QR Code with Cordova.

A barcode is a machine readable image that encapsulates some data about the object to which it’s attached to. A Quick Response Code (QR Code) is a popular type of barcode for mobile use due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to ordinary barcodes.

In this tutorial I will create a Cordova app which can scan QR Codes and store data obtained from decoding the QR Codes. To scan the barcode I will use the BarcodeScanner Cordova plugin.

Creating a Video Calling App in Android with CrossWalk and PeerJS

via Android Video Calling with CrossWalk and PeerJS.

In this tutorial I’m going to show how to create a video calling app in Android. It will be implemented using Ionic, Cordova, Crosswalk and PeerJS.

Cross-Platform Mobile Testing with the Page Object Model

via Cross Platform Mobile Testing with the Page Object Model.

Many of our clients take a hybrid approach to app development. By hybrid we mean using technologies such as Phonegap, Cordova, Appcelerator Titanium, and Sencha as part of their technology stack. Hybrid apps can benefit from cross platform mobile testing.

Companies choose the hybrid approach for several reasons. A major factor is the ability to release on multiple platforms at the same time. The decision of whether or not to make a hybrid app comes down to the skill sets of the various team members developing the app. There are also some downsides to going non-native, such as the possibility of limited features, rendering and responsiveness issues, or crashes on certain devices.

Our customers have asked us about the best testing practices for identifying and addressing these challenges. Our response is cross platform mobile testing. Since hybrid apps are developed from a common code base, it makes perfect sense to have functional UI test cases that can be executed on multiple platforms.

Retrieving IP Adress Using Cordova Without External Services

via Retrieving IP Adress Using Cordova Without External Services.

I can’t believe but this is a heavily requested feature so let me show you how you can retrieve this data without external services. This article will be written from the perspective of Ionic Framework, but this code can be used on it own. I’m using Ionic Framework just to provide a UI.

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