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Different ways to trim a string in Corona SDK.

via Using the Windows Azure SDK for Node.js to create a Table Service Explorer – Jeff Wilcox.

Here are the different ways to trim a string in Corona SDK.

Part 1: Create a UI Button in Corona SDK

via Code Basics-Create a Button in Corona SDK | StartAppsBlog.

Today I’m going to talk about the most common user interface item for mobile devices – The Button. Okay… do I really need to talk about something as basic as a button? Well, maybe not.. but when I was coding up my first game I came across a few important features that I wanted my custom designed graphical buttons to have, such as –

  • When the user touches down on the button, I wanted some type of feedback (larger, smaller, colour change, etc) for the user
  • If the user touches down, but intentionally or un-intentionally slides outside of the bounds of the button – the action of the button does not continue

corona sdk platform game development template

Making games is easy, and really hard. We all have ideas, and if you’re reading this, you’re most likely father along the road than most. You’ve at least identified Corona SDK as the best way to make your game a reality. Recommended reading are all of the CoronaLabs guides and T and G apps learning resources. Original Post>>