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Couchbase LIVE New York: Couchbase Mobile 102 – How to Add Secure Sync to your Mobile Applications

Couchbase LIVE New York: Couchbase Mobile 102 – How to Add Secure Sync to your Mobile Applications
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Adding Google Sign-In with NodeJS to a Couchbase Mobile application

Adding Google Sign-In with Node.js to a Couchbase Mobile application
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Go SDK 1.0 GA

via Go SDK 1.0 GA.

The Go SDK was built from the ground up to give developers the power to utilize Go however they please, be that using our asynchronous API to perform your operations in line with other work, using our synchronous API to build worker go-routines or simply executing Couchbase operations in line with your request processing.  There is no penalty for use of the same client from multiple goroutines simultaneously, and our asynchronous operations are always non-blocking.

Traveling with Couchbase using the Java SDK

via Traveling with Couchbase using the Java SDK.

At Couchbase Connect 2015 we demonstrated an example application that uses N1QL to query data from a sample Couchbase bucket.

If you missed the conference, not a problem. We’re going to go through how to reproduce this application and check out some of the highlights of Couchbase 4.0.

Building a Couchbase Database Server with Mobile + Web Clients

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a web+mobile project that potentially needs to handle a lot of data and scale easily, so I’ve chosen Couchbase Server plus its Sync Gateway to provide a mobile platform that can keep JSON document data from mobile and web apps synchronized with the central data store.  Up […]


Couchbase : Create a large dataset using Twitter and Java

via Tug’s Blog: Couchbase : Create a large dataset using Twitter and Java.

An easy way to create large dataset when playing/demonstrating Couchbase -or any other NoSQL engine- is to inject Twitter feed into your database.

For this small application I am using:

In this example I am using Java to inject Tweets into Couchbase, you can obviously use another langage if you want to.

The sources of this project are available on my Github repository  Twitter Injector for Couchbase you can also download the Binary version here, and execute the application from the command line, see Run The Application paragraph. Do not forget to create your Twitter oAuth keys (see next paragraph)

Couchbase : Making views via script file automatially without using GUI.

The problem that we faced is that we have to make views manually from the GUI of the couchbase, but it was quite a cumbersome task, so this blog is about how to make views automatically. In this blog we’ll learn how to create a script of curl commands and just run that script for […]