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Who was first: 2 using OriginStamp via its RESTful interface

Understanding and using OriginStamp’s RESTful API, so that you can create and check timestamps programmatically.


Hidden in Plain Sight – Public Key Crypto

via Hidden in Plain Sight – Public Key Crypto – Nick Desaulniers.

How is it possible for us to communicate securely when there’s the possibility of a third party eavesdropping on us? How can we communicate private secrets through public channels? How do such techniques enable us to bank online and carry out other sensitive transactions on the Internet while trusting numerous relays? In this post, I hope to explain public key cryptography, with actual code examples, so that the concepts are a little more concrete.

First, please check out this excellent video on public key crypto:

JavaScript arbitrary-precision arithmetic library. Built for speed.

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Crunch is an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic library for JavaScript.

It was designed to execute arithmetic operations as quickly as possible, in particular those upon which asymmetric encryption cryptosystems such as RSA are built.

Secure Crypto for Browser Based Apps

Between Snowden’s NSA leaks prompting more secure communication and the rise of cryptocurrencies- software with secure cryptography as a core component is on the rise. Meanwhile, powerful applications written in JavaScript that render their UIs in a web browser are seeing unprecedented growth. However, if you ask most security researchers and developers about secure crypto in the browser, they’ll shake their heads skeptically. Reasons for this being: there are a lack of quality crypto primitives written in JavaScript that’ve been adequately reviewed and tested, JavaScript yields weak random number generation in all but the most recent HTML5 browsers, and secure key storage is difficult as the idiom du jour of web applications is to store user data on a remote server or in localStorage.

This talk will explore how Mailpile, a Free / open source email client, is not vulnerable to these security concerns by shifting the attack surface out of the browser while still being a web application with a friendly JSON API. The gain being developers can leverage modern JavaScript libraries to render beautiful interfaces, animate fresh user interactions, and create compelling data visualziations. Want to make a force-directed graph of your inbox? JavaScript makes it easy, all while being extremely secure.

The exercises for Crypto 101.


These are the exercises for Crypto 101, the introductory course on cryptography.