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Working With File-Encryptor NodeJS Module – Encrypt and Decrypt your Files OpenSSL

via Working With File-Encryptor Node.js Module – Encrypt and Decrypt your Files OpenSSL ~ i-visionblog.

I love Encryption/Decryption a Lot in Javascript ! And I have Already written article on JavaScript Crypto.JS Library and got many Responses/Doubts.And So recently I have Been working on a Small Node.JS project for File Management System in Cloud , I have Been using this File-Encryptor module for my Use.And i didn’t see Any Successful Blog post guiding for this Encryption/Decryption File Module in Node.js.

Swiftography: Standard cryptographic algorithms in a Swift Playground

via sketchytech/Swiftography · GitHub.

Swiftorgraphy leverages the CryptoJS repository via JavaScriptCore framework. It is featured in a playground here but can transfered to a regular app as well.