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Video: Cucumber for Java

nterview with Seb Rose on the Cucumber framework for Java and practical advice on how to approach Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

How to Cucumber : Test Reporting Plugin with Maven and Java

It is often useful to show the results of our tests to others people who are not developers, like managers or executive. This tutorial shows how to integrate a Cucumber reporting a Java plugin in Maven project. The result is a simple web page, which does not require a special tool to be read.


Five automated acceptance test anti-patterns

Whilst being involved with lots of people writing automated acceptance tests using tools like SpecFlow and WebDriver I’ve seen some ‘anti-patterns’ emerge that can make these tests non-deterministic (flaky), very fragile to change and less efficient to run. Here’s five ‘anti-patterns’ I’ve seen and what you can do instead. Anti-pattern One: Not using page-objects Page […]