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vRA / vRO new 6.2 REST API Advanced

Advanced vRA REST API application including parsing request results and sending commands to the newly created VM


problems upgrading PHP55, CURL, openSSL, PECL-http

problems upgrading PHP55, CURL, openSSL, PECL-http

Yesterday I decided that it is time to upgrade PHP and other libraries to the latest stable tested version.  I go to my dev server, upgrade with pkg upgrade, made sure that everything is correctly upgrading without some weird updates, restart apache, run some tests on the website to make sure that everything still works properly, […]

Tutorial 4: Integrating a Module

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At this point you may have created your on module or used an already created one. It’s time to see how to integrate it through MonkeyLearn web API. If you are an experienced web developer, you may have done web API integrations before, also you may have seen some of the code snippets at monkeylearn.com