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Cylon NodeJS (Universal Windows) Sample

via Windows IoT – NodejsWUCylon.

In this sample, you will use Cylon running on a Raspberry Pi 2 to control a servo connected to an Arduino (with Firmata installed).

Hardware-to-Hardware Communication with Johnny-Five and PubNub

via Hardware-to-hardware Communication with Johnny-Five – PubNub.

JavaScript has taken the programming languages by storm and in recent years, it has become the most popular language of the web. JavaScript was originally used only on front end side for DOM manipulation and making interactions possible using animations and jQuery. Then the introduction of NodeJS was a game changer as it enabled JavaScript to run on server side too.

One language to rule the client and server!

When it comes to make microprocessors or microcontrollers to work with JavaScript, two libraries stand out, CylonJS and Johnny-five, for a couple of reasons:

  • Support a large number of technologies like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, drones, etc
  • Well-maintained and regularly updated
  • Many stars and forks on GitHub
  • Easy to get started with and a lot of similarity in their syntax

CylonJS: JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things

via hybridgroup/cylon.

Cylon.js is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

It provides a simple, but powerful way to create solutions that incorporate multiple, different hardware devices concurrently.

Want to use Ruby on robots? Check out our sister project, Artoo.

Want to use Golang to power your robots? Check out our sister project, Gobot.

Video: CylonJS and the Internet of Beers

Video: The JavaScript Evolution Of Open Source Robotics

The robotics revolution has already begun. You can even buy drones and robotic devices at local retail stores. Unfortunately, it has been too hard to develop code for robots, and nearly impossible to create solutions that integrate multiple different kind of devices.

That is why we created Cylon.js, a JavaScript framework for open source robotics & the Internet of Things. Cylon.js makes it easy to write apps that communicate with many different kinds of hardware devices all at the same time. The time has come for the next generation of open source robotics, and Cylon.js is ready to help!