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Migrating DailyJS to Ghost

via Migrating DailyJS to Ghost.

I’ve been running DailyJS since 2009 using Jekyll, but for the last few years it’s made writing more difficult in many ways. The main issue I had was the time it takes to generate the site–it was at about 15 minutes on my VPS, which meant any correction took an inordinate amount of effort.

Running a static site was great for server efficiency, but not friendly for writing. Using a CMS-style blog engine definitely makes writing and supporting contributors easier, so I decided to switch.

React in Atom, JSX Control Statements, Baobab

via DailyJS: React in Atom, JSX Control Statements, Baobab.

I seem to have a huge backlog of React-related submissions to the DailyJS inbox, so you might see more React libraries than usual over the next few weeks. There’s no conspiracy to promote React, it’s just that readers seem interested in it!

DailyJS: Node Roundup: Node 0.11.15, PublicSuffixList, Robe

via DailyJS: Node Roundup: Node 0.11.15, PublicSuffixList, Robe.

Node 0.11.15 is out. This is a substantial release that updates v8 to 3.28.73, npm to 2.1.6, and uv to 1.0.2. There are patches for the build system and core modules as well. I looked over the changes to the core modules and it looks like it’s mostly bug fixes, but some modules (url and readline) have had performance improvements as well.

Meanwhile, io.js was updated to 1.0.3. This upgrades v8 from 3.31 to 4.1, which the changelog notes is not a major release because “4.1” is derived from Chrome 41. There’s also better platform support, including Windows XP, Windows 2003, and improved FreeBSD support.

If you look through the commits in both projects it should be obvious that some commits are shared, but some are unique to each fork. There was a popular post on Hacker News about performance comparisons between Node and io.js, so it’ll be interesting to see how the projects diverge and converge over the next few months.