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Smart Data Center Project

SmartDataCenter (SDC) is an open-source cloud management platform, optimized to deliver next generation, container-based, service-oriented infrastructure across one or more datacenters. With an emphasis on ease of installation and operation, SDC is proven at scale: it is the software that runs theJoyent public cloud and powers numerous private clouds at some of the world’s largest companies. See more>>

Datacenter Management with Apache Mesos

AMP Camp Three — Analytics and Machine Learning at Scale was held in Berkeley California and live streamed online, August 29-30, 2013 by

http://argushd.com/services (for booking inquires)

AMP Camp 3 attendees and online viewers learned to solve big data problems using components of the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) including Spark, Shark, Mesos, Tachyon, MLbase as well as Hadoop.

The event was held in the Chevron Auditorium in the International House at UC Berkeley