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Java Coding Samples for Online Data-mining

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The coding below was part of a larger program that I used to scan through the website of a product testing agency.  I wanted to compile a listing of products that conformed to a particular safety standard.  The data could then be sorted by manufacturer, year of production, and other specific characteristics.  I immediately received interest by those that install the product to provide the listing, and I suppose had I remained in that industry I would have made every effort to do so.  Stepping back from the listing, it is possible to gain an historic profile of products that changed as consumer expectations and desires changed, giving us a kind of product morphology related to external events such as fuel shortages, income levels, economic conditions, and social aesthetics.  Happy data-mining.

Comprehensive list of data science resources

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Here we blended together the best of the best resources posted recently on DSC. It would be great to organize them by category, but for now they are organized by date. This is very useful too, since you are likely to have seen old entries already, and can focus on more recent stuff. We plan to update this reference of references on a regular basis.

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