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Easily implement Data Storage Service in Xamarin.Forms using PCL Storage

via Easily implement Data Storage Service in Xamarin.Forms using PCL Storage | ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë.

It was kind of unfortunate that there is no built in Data Storage mechanism in Xamarin Forms. I was a hardcore Windows Phone developer before I moved into Xamarin Forms, whereas this was such an irritating factor for me and specially, few months back there weren’t any proper library or tutorials available for caching data in the app. The only suited option was to implement a dependency service, which I was quite bored of.

Few months back I needed to cache some data in an app, whereas this string array list will be downloaded from a web service, then saved it in the application cache and then reloaded whenever the app is opened by the user. I was developing a cross platform app based on Xamarin.Forms along with an attached PCL project.
After an extensive search I came across PCL Storage library, it was still in beta level at that time, but me being unable to find any other better option, decided to go ahead with it as it was very easy to implement.

Download PCL Storage on nuget – http://www.nuget.org/packages/pclstorage

Read about PCL on Xamarin Components Library,

Video: Creating Web Sites using Python and Flask

Do you know the basics of Python? Or have you worked with MVC and want to compare it to other technologies? If you’re ready to build websites and have fun doing it, check out this course. Bring your basic knowledge of loops and variables, and take the next steps with the dynamic team of Susan Ibach and Christopher Harrison as they show you how to create webpages.

Walk through the foundation of Flask and Python, explore user input and data storage, and learn to create and retrieve Redis data. See some cool demos, from a basic “Hello, world” intro to an Azure deployment, and leave with the website you have built and can share with your friends. Creating websites has never been more fun!

[00:00:00] Introduction to Flask
Learn how to get started and why one would use Flask to create websites. Walk through the standard “Hello, world!” demonstration, and close with a primer on HTML.

[00:56:19] Creating Webpages in Flask
Learn about Flask as a great platform from which to create your websites. Explore how URLs are translated to code behind the scenes and how information gets sent from the client to the server.

[01:46:12] Requesting User Input
Take the next step from sending basic text to the client to using templates. Learn about forms and how to request and read information from the user.

[02:35:02] Data Storage Locations
Since nearly every website needs to store data, take a look at the different options available to you as a Developer. Plus, get an intro to Redis.

[03:18:54] Creating and Retrieving Redis Data
Dig deeper into Redis, including how to work with Redis data, both reading and writing records.​

[04:00:21] Cloud Deployment
Find out how to make your application available. Learn the steps required to take the application you’ve built and deploy it to Microsoft Azure.