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Swift Set Type in Swift 1.2

via Swift Set Type in Swift 1.2 – Coding Explorer Blog.

In Objective-C there were three basic types of Data Structures, NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSSet.  In Objective-C, the immutable and mutable forms were separate, so you also had NSMutableArray, NSMutableDictionary, and NSMutableSet.  Especially since it is often an interview question, I should point out that a Data Structure is simply “a particular way of organizing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.”  You can read that sentence and more at the Wikipedia article about Data Structures.

In Swift we were greeted with Arrays and Dictionaries, but there was no Set to be found!  You had to go back to Objective-C’s NSSet to work with them.  You can read about the other two Data Structures back in the previous posts Arrays and their Methods in Swift and Swift Dictionary Quick Reference.  Well, thanks to Swift 1.2, Set has come to the land of Swift.

Informatica Developer at Pleasanton, CA – 1+ year Contract

Role : Informatica Developer
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Duration: 1+ year Contract

Note: Send your resume at kdinesh@prokarma.com or you can also reach me at (402) 905 9212. Please share or like this post.

• Participate in managing code and configurations for multiple environments, release management process, creating and maintaining environment configurations and controls, code integrity and work closely with platform team
• Ability to coordinate across teams, working closely with peers to ensure the appropriate focus and sense of urgency is applied to all production issues
• Work with third party suppliers and vendors for support, upgrades and implementations
• Serve as a mentor to junior level associates who will provide backup in your absence
• Provide assistance in root cause analysis for service interruptions
• Interface with and provide technical leadership to others in the IT division and business to address ongoing business needs
• Document the application infrastructure and teach/share with others as necessary
• Participation in projects; providing work estimates, partnering with others to design and execute on projects that enhance system availability or application capabilities