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Creating Realtime Updating Data Visualizations with NVD3

via Creating Realtime Updating Data Visualizations with NVD3 – PubNub.

There’s an endless number of factors can influence the efficiency of your operation. Say you’re operating a massive public transportation system; unpredictable events like weather play a huge role in how well your system runs. We need a way to collect and visualize these patterns, and make business decisions based on them. In this tutorial, we’re going to use the NVD3 library to build a small app that visualizes bus data in realtime. We’ll use PubNub Pub/Sub messaging to collect and stream the data, and animate our charts in realtime.

Progressive Enhancement and Data Visualizations

via Progressive Enhancement and Data Visualizations | CSS-Tricks.

The following is a guest post by Chris Scott. Chris has written for us before – always on the cutting edge of things. This time Chris shows us something new in the form of a new charting technique his company offers. But it’s based on something old: the fundamentals of the web itself.

This month my company, Factmint, released its suite of Charts. They’re really cool for a number of reasons (not least their design) but one is of particular interest to web developers: they all transform simple HTML tables into complex, interactive data visualizations. This approach is a perfect example of Progressive Enhancement – for browser compatibility, accessibility and SEO you have a simple table, for modern browsers a beautiful graphic.

I wanted to explore the techniques we used in a bit more detail. So here goes…