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Video: Excel Data Validation Your Guide to the Data Gatekeeper

Count and Exclude Occurrences in SAP Query

A reader asked about how he might find and exclude rows in a query where the count of occurrences is only one (or any threshold for that matter).  I wasn’t sure if it could be easily done.  Let me show you what I came up with. UPDATE: I took down this post temporarily.  The original […]


Mapping a Value Stream in Neo4j

The canonical use cases of a graph database such as Neo4j are social networks. In logistics and manufacturing networks also arise naturally. In particular, supply chains and value streams spring to mind. They may not be as large as Facebook’s social graph of all its users, but seeing them for the beasts they truly are […]


Mysql : checking duplicate data

Just change table name, and column name to be checked, run and will returning magic


Routes Python for Data Analysis Wrangling with Pandas NumPy

Python, a high level language developed by Guido van Rossum, is known for its easy readability. The core philosophies of the language are simple – simplicity over complexity; beauty over ugliness, explicit over implicit and other similar aphorisms. The most important philosophy of the language is “Readability Counts”, which means that the syntaxes and codes […]