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Build applications with the IBM DataCache service

Build applications with the IBM DataCache service

As software architects, we constantly juggle business requirements, available resources, and deadlines. Non-functional requirements, such as performance, are usually looked at later in the game. However, it is not as challenging to address non-functional requirements when the technical infrastructure is already in place.

Building applications in IBM Bluemix™ and using the IBM DataCache service allows us to improve our applications’ performance as needed.

What you’ll need to build a similar app

  • A basic knowledge of Javascript
  • A basic knowledge of Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • A basic knowledge of WebSphere® Extreme Scale APIs
  • The Eclipse IDE

Environment setup

To build an application that uses the IBM DataCache service you must set up the proper environment. You must install the Cloud Foundry client to deploy the data cache application in the IBM Cloud environment. For development, you will need to install WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and WebSphere Extreme Scale. You must also have the Eclipse IDE already installed.