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JacpFX and DataFX-flows, a perfect match for JavaFX

JacpFX and DataFX-flows, a perfect match for JavaFX

JacpFX is a RCP framework based on JavaFX, supporting developers to structure an application with loosely coupled, reusable components and DataFX-flow is an API that allows you to define flows between controllers and views in JavaFX. Both projects developed independently, and while I developed a JacpFX application I realized the lack of flow support. Integrating a simple DataFX-flow into JacpFX was quite easy, a JacpFX component is a controller with either a FXML view or a plain JavaFX view; on the other hand the FlowHandler of a DataFX-flow returns a StackPane which is easy to integrate in your current view. The drawback of this simple solution is the isolation of your DataFX-flow context from the JacpFX context which means, they have no direct access to each other. At JavaOne I had the chance to spend a hour with Hendrik Ebbers (one of the DataFX committers) and to create a solution for this. The resulting JacpFX/DataFX-flow plugin allows you to inject the JacpFX context of a specific component to DataFX-flow controllers. It allows DataFX-flow controllers to communicate via the JacpFX message-bus with the rest of the JacpFX application. Beside this, the DataFX-flow controller gets access to resource-bundles and other methods/resources of the JacpFX component.

DataFX 8 has been released & DataFX core overview

DataFX 8 has been released & DataFX core overview

Released DataFX 8.0 last week. With DataFX 2.0 we created an API to get real world data in your JavaFX 2 application by using data readers for REST, WebSocket, SSE and many more endpoints. With DataFX 8.0 we introduce a lot of more content for your JavaFX 8 applications. Next to the data reader APIs we included flow and injection API to DataFX to create MVC based views and complex workflows. By doing so we lifted DataFX from a data reader API to a (small) application framework. DataFX 8.0 contains 5 modules:

  • core
  • datasources
  • websocket
  • flow
  • injection

I think one of the big benefits of DataFX is that it has hardly any external dependency. The following graph shows the internal and external dependencies of DataFX 8: