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Getting Started with Vcl.js for Node.js


Vcl.js is a typescript web framework focused on an enterprise application development.Vcl.js contain all the necessary components to support business application software.
Vcl.js takes the Delphi/VB approach into the HTML5 world,its designed to help developers build large web applications that are competitive with native apps,so if you a VisualBasic or delphi developer you will learn vcl.js in no time.

In this tutorial we’ll cover most aspects of vcl.js development . This project is a simple ordering system with basic CRUD functionality running on top of node.js and MySQL database located on azure server. Read more>>

Node.js Editor Comparison: Sublime vs Atom vs Cloud 9

Node.js Editor Comparison: Sublime vs Atom vs Cloud 9


TL;DR Sublime is awesome, Atom has potential and Cloud 9 is downright impressive.


Picking the right editor has always been kind of a big deal for me. I’ve had a pleasure of watching editors evolve and grow over the past few years and have developed a great appreciation for the current state of affairs. I spend hours perfecting my shortcuts, configurations, and plugins—perhaps way too much time actually.

Over the years I’ve used everything from Notepad++ and Vim to Delphi and TextMate. The latter has been the biggest and most rewarding to learn and use. Every new editor that I encounter these days I evaluate based on Vim key support first, everything else second.

In this post I’m going to take a quick look at three editors: Sublime Text, Atom, and Cloud 9 IDE. Lets get going!