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JavaFX – Monte Carlo option pricing applet

One of the things I like about JavaFX is that it can be deployed on a lot of platforms, and very easy btw. So in this post I’m going to use the Option Pricing code from previous posts to create a JavaFX application that runs both on desktop and as an applet without any code […]


JavaFX on Android with JavaFXPorts

Nowadays there is a tool that allows to deploy your JavaFX application easily and run it on Android and iOS devices (thus making the phrase “write once run everywhere” true) and it’s called JavaFXPorts. I’ve encountered a few small issues while experimenting with this tool and researching on the internet I came to the conclusion […]


Vagrant: Deploy and provisioning an Amazon EC2 instance

Vagrant is a really powerful tool for managing virtual machines. If you’re a developer it can make it push-button simple to setup a dev box on your laptop. It manages the VMs, and uses configuration files to describe specifics of your machines. We can use VirtualBox, VMWare, AWS, DigitalOcean as provider to launch our servers […]


Deploying a Java project to AWS

Learn how to deploy a Java Project on AWS.