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Devoxx4Kids Fun Fest in Silicon Valley

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Devoxx4Kids is presenting a weekend full of tech workshops for kids on Dec. 20/21, including topics like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, Minecraft Modding, Circuit Art, and much more. Be sure to sign up and follow the software download instructions (your child will get sooo much more out the day if they have the software downloaded and ready to go before their sessions). This Fun Fest is an ideal start to your Winter holidays (have your kids *make* games rather than just playing them!). Register your kids now, sessions fill up quickly!

Prototyping an enterprise webapp at Devoxx Hackergarten

Click to Read: I attended DevoxxBe. It’s my favorite Java conference, but the talk schedule isn’t always optimal: sometimes I want to see 2 great talks at the same time! So at the Hackergarten at Devoxx, between attending talks, a few of us started building a webapp to improve the schedule. We’re calling the prototype OptaConf and it’s under Apache License.

Devoxx Playground

Discover new projects and program on IoT devices! Bring your laptop to program hardware and stay for as long as you want. Technical leads will be onsite to answer questions and assist you with your projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience new IoT technology with Java.

Located in the back of the exhibit hall on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 12-13

On the list of technical leads and projects are:

Stephen Chin

  • Raspberry Pi with Java 8 – Raspberry kits available
  • Makeblock Robot
  • Lego Mindstorm Robot
  • Night hacking sessions

Michael Hoffer

  • 3D Modeling and printing. You can create your own model to print onsite.

Geert Bevin

  • LinnStrument – Arduino-based revolutionary expressive musical controller
  • Leap Motion Controller – Very precise and fast arm, hand and finger tracking
  • Thalmic Myo – Wireless gesture control armband
  • Muse Headband – Brain sensing headband
  • Touch Board – Touch and distance sensing platform

Aldebaran Robotics Team

  • NAO Robot

Johan Vos and Niklas Therming

  • Real cross-platform Java app on mobile devices

Angela Caicedo

  • Wearable sensors. Only on Wednesday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm


Come watch interviews with experts and community members that are live streamed to a global audience.  The schedule of talks and live stream are available at http://nighthacking.com/ and recordings are posted to the Parlays NightHacking channel.  You can be part of the audience by dropping by the Devoxx Playground in the back of the vendor hall and cheering on [or heckling] your favorite hackers!

IoT Shop

The Playground will also welcome an IoT shop, same like last year but now located in the playground area.

Contact Yolande Poirier if you want to add your project to the playground or for any questions

Video: Devoxx France Lego, Raspberry Pi, DukePad, Chess Table, NAO Session

Video: Devoxx France Lego, Raspberry Pi, DukePad, Chess Table, NAO Session

Session at Devoxx France covering Java Embedded technologies including demos on Lego Mindstorms EV3, Raspberry Pi, DukePad, a Chess Table, and the NAO.