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Specifying a custom folder for your custom DLL files

via Specifying a custom folder for your custom DLL files.

One of the most often-asked questions we receive is “I want to add my custom DLLs into a separate folder instead the instance folders root; how do I do that?” A DLL is a method to encapsulate logic for re-use. In many cases, you may have existing logic in a DLL or rather than having large amounts of code in a Business Process Step, you may elect to host your code in a DLL. In this blog post, I’m going to address that question in detail. For purposes of this post, we’ll assume we are working with a 64 bit instance named DEFAULT. To understand where to make the necessary changes, you have to first understand how the various Neuron ESB EXE’s are configured.

The main reason you would want to host your DLLs in a custom folder is to make deployments easier. Otherwise, you need to host your DLLs in the instance root (along with all of the DLLs Neuron ESB requires) or the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). For the record, our recommended guidance is to avoid using the GAC!