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Azure DocumentDB: JavaScript as Modern Day T-SQL

via Azure DocumentDB: JavaScript as Modern Day T-SQL | Microsoft Azure Blog.

Azure DocumentDB’s database engine is purposefully designed from the ground up to provide first class support for JSON and JavaScript. Our vision is for JavaScript developers to build applications without having to deal with the entity mappers, schemas, code generation tools, type adornments and other duct tapes. Our deep commitment to JSON and JavaScript inside the database engine is surfaced in the following ways:

  1. Schema Agnostic Indexing: DocumentDB does not require developers to specify schemas or secondary indexes in order to support consistent queries. The database engine is designed to automatically index every property inside every JSON document, while simultaneously ingesting a sustained volume of rapid writes. This is a crucial step to removing the friction between ever evolving modern applications and the database.
  2. SQL query dialect rooted inside the JavaScript type system: DocumentDB’s SQL query dialect is based on the JavaScript’s type system. This in-turn not only removes the type system mismatch between JavaScript applications and DocumentDB, but also enables seamless invocation of user defined functions (UDFs) written entirely in JavaScript from within a SQL query.
  3. JavaScript Language Integrated Transactions: As part of our bet on JavaScript, we allow developers to register stored procedures and triggers written in JavaScript with DocumentDB collections. These stored procedures/triggers get executed in a sandboxed manner inside the database engine within an ambient database transaction. The stored procedure (or trigger) can update multiple documents transactionally. The database transaction is committed upon successful completion of the stored procedure (or trigger); the database transaction is aborted when the JavaScript “throw” keyword is executed!
  4. JavaScript Language Integrated Queries: Today, we are pleased to announce we’re taking this vision another step further by introducing a JavaScript language integrated query API to our JavaScript server-side SDK.

Querying and Editing DocumentDB Data Just Got Better

via Querying and Editing DocumentDB Data Just Got Better | Microsoft Azure Blog.

We’ve released a set of enhancements to improve your experience and efficiency working with DocumentDB queries, documents, and server-side programming in the Azure preview portal, including:

  • Query Explorer Improvements
  • Document Explorer Improvements
  • An all new Script Explorer

Keep reading for additional details on these new and updated features.

Video: Getting started with Azure DocumentDB on NodeJS

Learn how to provision a Azure DocumentDB database account and store JSON documents in your Node.js application. Learn more athttp://www.documentdb.com

Video: Getting started with Azure DocumentDB on Node.js

Learn how to provision a Azure DocumentDB database account and store JSON documents in your Node.js application. Learn more athttp://www.documentdb.com

Part 1: Performance Tips for Azure DocumentDB

via Performance Tips for Azure DocumentDB – Part 1 | Microsoft Azure Blog.

Azure DocumentDB allows you to optimize the performance of your database to best meet the needs of your application.  We’ve prepared a two part blog post series which will cover a number of areas that influence the performance of Azure DocumentDB.

In part 1, we look at the networking and SDK configuration options available in DocumentDB and their impact on performance. In part 2 we will cover indexing policy, throughput optimization and consistency levels.  Like any performance tuning recommendation, not every one of these tips may be applicable for your use case, but you can use this information as a guide in order to assist you in making the right design choices for your applications.

Introducing the Azure DocumentDB Java SDK

via Introducing the Azure DocumentDB Java SDK | Microsoft Azure Blog.

We are pleased to announce the release of the Azure DocumentDB Java SDK! The Java SDK allows you to easily create, read, update, and delete various DocumentDB resources as well as manage advanced configuration settings.

You can find all of the source code for this SDK available via github:

Azure DocumentDB: Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure

via Azure DocumentDB | Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure | Channel 9.

Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed NoSQL document database service. This video demonstrates how Azure DocumentDB can integrate with your modern applications to provide a highly-scalable, queryable, and schema-free JSON-based document database solution.