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Designing Web API Versioning

In this post I am going to talk about some of the commonly used Web API versioning strategy and hope it will help you decide which one is best suitable for your scenario.You will also see that there is no right or wrong way of designing them but I am always about options and different […]


Aplikasi Sederhana Input Data Menggunakan C# dan MS SQL

Aplikasi sederhana yang akan saya buat kali ini adalah program untuk input data. Dalam contoh kali ini aplikasi digunakan untuk menginput data user dan ip address komputer user. Untuk memulainya, buat project baru di Visual Studio (saya menggunakan versi 2008) dengan nama InputDataApp. Klik Form1 yang muncul setelah membuat new project, edit di bagian Properties […]


Simple C# Library to render graph to Flowchart

Simple C# Library to render graph to Flowchart – currently, only render to HTML5 (Intention to support Visio in future). You can render your graph horizontally (Left to Right), or vertically (Top down) – This is, however, Device Independent, and agnostic of whether you want to render to HTML5, Winform, WPF… The library automatically center […]


SimpleFlowDiagramLib: Simple C# library to Serialize Graph to Xml (And Vice Versa)

In continuation from previous article https://gridwizard.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/simple-c-library-to-render-graph-to-flowchart/, we’d explore “SimpleFlowDiagramLib” capability to serialize Graph to Xml (And Vice versa). And, why do we want to do that? For example, wire down a graph to/from Web Services consumed by Java client for example. Again, Source code: https://github.com/gridwizard/SimpleFlowDiagram using System; using System.IO; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; […]


Getting started with iOS dev using #Xamarin Part 1

.NET developers wishing to develop for iOS should look at Xamarin Studio. It offers an experience similar to that offered by Visual Studio from the comfort of OS X. If you are a Visual Studio fanatic, Xamarin offers a package with deep integration with Visual Studio that allows you to develop using Visual Studio on […]


Inside the .NET Compiler Platform – Performance Considerations during Syntax Analysis (#SpeakRoslyn)

Motivation The new Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) provides APIs for the whole compilation process, beginning from syntax analysis, over symbol analysis, binding and code generation. You can access the results of each phase through object models exposed by specific APIs. There are language-specific APIs and object models for C# and Visual Basic which are similar […]


Fakes issue with System.Web.Http

I was recently working on some code where I wanted to fake the “System.Web.Http” assembly however I ran into some mysterious problem and thought about blogging about it. I started by right clicking on the System.Web.Http and selected the “Add Fakes Assembly” option as shown below. And no surprises there I could see the fakes […]