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Write .Net and NodeJS code together using EdgeJS

Write .Net and Node.js code together using Edge.js
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In this post we will be discussing about writing .Net and Node.js code together using Edge.js. Uinsg Edge.js you connect Node.js and .Net on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. There are a lot of situations which will benefit you from a combination of Node.js and .Net like you have existing .Net components and you want that to be used in Node.js application.

PC : https://github.com/tjanczuk/edge

NodeJS Meets .NET – EdgeJS

via Node.js Meets .NET – Edge.js | Keyhole Software.

With so much JavaScript development on the client side, it only makes sense that developers and organizations would want to develop server side applications using JavaScript as well.  Node.js has become a popular choice for building server side applications using JavaScript because of its asynchronous event-driven model and many libraries and extensions that are available.

But sometimes JavaScript is not the best choice for what you need to do, even in a Node.js application.