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Elektron SDK

via thomsonreuters/Elektron-SDK · GitHub.

This is the Elektron SDK. This SDK is an all encompassing package of all Elektron APIs. This currently includes the Elektron Message API (EMA) and the Elektron Transport API (ETA).

The Elektron Message API (EMA) is an ease of use, open source, OMM API. EMA is designed to provide clients rapid development of applications, minimizing lines of code and providing a broad range of flexibility. It provides flexible configuration with default values to simplify use and deployment. EMA is written on top of the Elektron Transport API (ETA) utilizing the Value Added Reactor and Watchlist.

The Elektron Transport API (ETA) is the re-branded Ultra Performance API (UPA). ETA is Thomson Reuters low-level Transport and OMM encoder/decoder API. It is used by the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform for Real Time and Elektron for the optimal distribution of OMM/RWF data and allows applications to achieve the highest performance, highest throughput, and lowest latency. ETA fully supports all OMM constructs and messages.