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The ELM Architecture

via evancz/elm-architecture-tutorial · GitHub.

This tutorial outlines the general architecture you will see in all Elm programs, from TodoMVC to dreamwriter.

We will learn a very simple architecture pattern that serves as an infinitely nestable building block. It is great for modularity, code reuse, and testing. Ultimately, this pattern makes it easy to create complex webapps in a way that stays modular. We will start with the basic pattern in a small example and slowly build on those core principles.

One very interesting aspect of this architecture is that it emerges from Elm naturally. The language design itself leads you towards this architecture whether you have read this document and know the benefits or not. I actually discovered this pattern just using Elm and have been shocked by its simplicity and power.

Note: To follow along with this tutorial with code, install Elm and fork this repo. Each example in the tutorial gives instructions of how to run the code.