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Intro to EmbersJS, Native Mobile JS Apps with Appcelerator

1) Develop Native Mobile apps in JavaScript using Appcelerator
Ray Belisle

JavaScript is taking over… Clients, servers and mobile… Come and find out about Titanium from Appcelerator, an open source development environment that you can use today to develop native mobile apps for iOS, Android, mobile web and more! Not just a talk… We’ll code!
Ray is a Calgary based Appcelerator trainer and mobile evangelist who will show you how to leverage your JavaScript skills to develop native mobile applications.

2) Intro to EmberJS
Sean Goresht

Thinking about starting a new project in Ember? Sean details the ins and out and lessons learned while coordinating his development team in his own start-up. Learn what you need to know before starting a new project with Ember.

We will go over topics such as: routing, MVC architecture, standalone components, and templating. Then we will look at how this architecture can be confusing at first, resources on how to lessen the learning curve, and how to best manage time spent with the framework.