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ESRI Geocoding Widget Using the REST API and JavaScript

I need to geocode in my web apps and I decided to try writing my own geocoder using my ArcServer geocoding service and the ESRI REST API. I have made two version: one that only requires including the css and js files and one that requires a line of code to initialize. The second one […]


Database Queries Using GIS: The ESRI REST API Without Geography

When people think of GIS they think of maps. But GIS is about data and if we think about it as data it is not special. In this post, I will show you how to use your GIS data as a database and nothing more. I am going to build a website that displays a […]


Load ESRI Data in Map Without Plugin

I am sure at some point I have shown how to load ESRI REST API data in to a Leaflet.js map. I usually use a plugin called Leaflet Vector Layers which works great, but sometimes you may want to do it for yourself. In this example, I will show you how to parse points from […]