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How to connect with different types of DataBase

Introduction While developing Ado.Net Applicaions most of the errors comes because of the wrong format of Connection String used to connect the application with the DataBase. I am publishing some Connection String formats to connect with different types of DataBase. Connection String Formats To connect with the Ms-Access 2003 DataBase Connection String Format: Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=Full […]


Salesforce: How to Export Queue Members to Excel

As of this writing, Salesforce provides no way of reporting on who belongs to which queues. To know who is a queue member, you must either (a) go to the Salesforce Setup page to manage the queue or (b) run a SOQL query and join on groupmember object then export the data using Data Loader […]

Getting Started with Power Pivot – Part I

Getting Started with Power Pivot – Part I

Welcome back to our Getting Started with Excel and Power BI Series.

In our previous blog posts we explored how to bring data into Excel through Power Query (Part I and Part II – coming soon). In this blog post we will take that data and prepare it for analyzing and visualizing in Excel.

To follow this tutorial you will need:

  1. Excel 2013