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Build a simple face detection Web App

via Build a simple face detection web app.

Earlier this year, IBM acquired the AlchemyAPI company. AlchemyAPI is a leading provider of scalable cognitive computing and deep learning technology that enables computers to understand language and vision just like human beings. Language-relevant services, such as sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and relation extraction, can help analyze the content behind sophisticated natural language and add high-level semantic information. Vision-relevant services, such as image tagging and face detection, help us understand a picture’s content and context.

In this tutorial, you learn to build a simple web application that demonstrates the face detection function of the AlchemyAPI service on IBM Bluemix™. The face detection feature can:

  • Study images and determine whether there are faces.
  • Determine the gender and estimated age of the face.
  • Attempt to identify the face, pulling from a corpus of over 60,000 well-known people.

This step-by-step example shows how easy it is to develop a cognitive app on IBM Bluemix with only a few lines of code in PHP.