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Fully unit tested Facebook SDK v5 & v4 integration for Laravel 5.1, 5.0 & 4.2

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A fully unit-tested package for easily integrating the Facebook SDK v5 into Laravel 5.1.

Video: Facebook SDK in Unity: Profile Picture, Sharing, Inviting

In this tutorial you’ll discover how to show the profile picture of the logged in Facebook user and their name. You’ll find out how to create Share and Invite buttons with Unity 4.6’s new GUI system and how to make them actually Share and Invite with Facebook SDK.

Implementing Facebook SDK for Unity Project

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introduction: This tutorial is for how to implementing Facebook SDK for Unity project. This is a step-By-step guideline for Unity developers for integrating Facebook in their games. This Portion will guide you to do some simple stuff using Facebook SDK, like getting Facebook name, profile picture. Additionally you can store and retrieve score of Facebook user (for this you need to have publish_actions permission). This process is divided in following steps 1. Create your application in Facebook developer console. 2. Download and install Facebook SDK. 3. Write code to store and retrieve data with Facebook.


via Tutorial: How to Share in Facebook SDK 4.0 for Swift – iOS Life.

There are a couple of ways to integrate Facebook Sharing into your app. The first and easiest is using the existing Social Framework that is embedded in iOS. If you want to go this route, read my article about it here: Tutorial: Share on Twitter and Facebook in Swift.

The other option is to use the native Facebook SDK. This will require that a user is logged into Facebook using Facebook Login. In this tutorial we’ll cover how to integrate Facebook Share into your app using the native Facebook 4.0 SDK using Swift.

You can share three different types of content using Facebook, they are Links, Photos & Videos. Let’s cover each of them.

To begin, follow the steps in this article to integrate the Facebook SDK and implement Facebook Login: Tutorial: How To Use Login in Facebook SDK 4.0 for Swift.

Growing your Android App with Facebook – DroidconNL

Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for Android – Droidcon NL


twitter_facebook1Apple has integrated Twitter login support since iOS 5, and Facebook since iOS 6. In the past, developers had to integrate the full Facebook and Twitter SDK to integrate sharing in their apps. Since it’s built in, it’s much easier to add these social features to your own app. Original Post>>