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PL SQL Find all objects in other objects

I wrote some code that allows you to find exactly where all references in scripts (sprocs, views) your objects are. This includes tables, views, indexes, sequences. Run it, and let me know what you think! WITH OBJECT_OWNERS AS ( SELECT ‘SYS’ AS OBJECT_OWNER FROM DUAL ) SELECT OBJECT_OWNER, OBJECT_TYPE, OBJECT_NAME, REFERENCED_IN_OWNER, REFERENCED_IN_OBJECT_TYPE, REFERENCED_IN_OBJECT, REFERENCED_IN_LINE, REFERENCED_IN_TEXT […]

PL/SQL find dependencies in other objects (v2)

I found that my prior code did not account for dependencies in views. Dammit, but there must be a way. I found it, and wrapped it up into one  semi-organized chunk of code for audit purposes. As always, let me know what you think. –FIRST WE NEED TO DROP THE TABLES SO WE CAN USE […]