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Building a Chat App with node-webkit, Firebase, and AngularJS

Building a Chat App with node-webkit, Firebase, and AngularJS
// Kogonuso

Realtime SMS notifications with Firebase

via Realtime SMS notifications with Firebase – Firebase.

Waitwhile is built with AngularJS and relies on Firebase for storage, authentication, hosting and even communication with email and SMS. This post will explore how to juice up your Firebase app with realtime text notifications using Zapier and Twilio.

Configuring and running Angular Protractor Tests

via Configuring and running Angular Protractor Tests | ChloeChen.

Recently I’ve been working on a digital party invites project. It’s written in Angular and both Unit testing and E2E testing. It uses firebase as the backend.

Using Ionic with Firebase

via Using Ionic with Firebase – Firebase.

Ionic is a front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Because Ionic uses Angular, developers can use AngularFire to easily wire up Firebase with an Ionic app.

Building a Todo app using EmberJS & firebase

via Building a Todo app using ember.js & firebase – Hacker’s Journal.

Ember.js is just awesome! It is a framework for creating ambitious web applications. A Javascript framework that does all the heavy lifting for you. Let’s write a simple Todo app using ember to see it live in action.

Since we wanna focus on the front-end let’s just leave the rest to Firebase which will act as a backend data store. Firebase provides us a really simple API to store and sync data in real-time and it works really well with ember. Let’s get started!

Installing Apache Solr on Linux as a Container

Have you ever had a need to do a recommendation engine (something akin to Amazon) for a website? Ranking search results? Search at scale is hard. Scale can be performance (how long do you really want to wait for the result back from a website), size (the Amazon search database is a huge database, I’m […]


React-RethinkDB: Render realtime RethinkDB results in React

via mikemintz/react-rethinkdb · GitHub.

This library provides a React mixin for running RethinkDB queries in any React component directly from the browser. It wraps rethinkdb-websocket-client to connect to the database, and is intended to be used with rethinkdb-websocket-server running in the backend.

This is similar to solutions like Meteor, Parse, and Firebase. Rather than writing database queries in the backend and exposing API endpoints to the frontend, these solutions allow the frontend to directly access the data layer (secured by a permission system) using the same query API that backend services have access to.