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Firefox for iOS

via mozilla/firefox-ios · GitHub.

Getting involved

This is a work in progress on some early ideas. Don’t get too attached to this code. Tomorrow everything will be different.

Likewise, the design and UX is still in flux. Don’t get attached to them. They will change tomorrow!https://mozilla.invisionapp.com/share/HA254M642#/screens/63057282?maintainScrollPosition=false

GitHub issues are enabled on this repository, but we encourage you to file a bug (see above). We’ll accept issues to track work items that don’t yet have a pull request, and also as an early funnel for bug reports, but Bugzilla is the source of truth for lots of good reasons — issues will be shifted into Bugzilla, and pull requests need a bug number.

What’s New in Firefox 35

via What’s New in Firefox 35.

Here we are again. Firefox 35 was released on January 13, 2015. Few users will notice any differences but there are some exciting new features for web developers lurking under the hood of the unusually large 46MB update (on Windows). If you haven’t upgraded, select Help > About Firefox from the menu or head over to firefox.com.

Configure TURN server for webRTC with Firefox

Configure TURN server for webRTC with Firefox – In this blog post, I explained to use TURN server for WebRTC with Firefox. Initially WebRTC was not supported by Firefox but now it is supported. So now the code which was running for Chrome earlier have to be changed so that it should support both Chrome and Firefox. http://ow.ly/2SU58p

Video: Debugging With the Firefox DevTools