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Podcast: Firefox OS with Jason Weathersby

via 141 JSJ Firefox OS with Jason Weathersby – DevChat.tv.


02:29 – Help Support JavaScript Jabber and DevChat.tv

03:10 – Jason Weathersby Introduction

03:55 – Firefox OS (FxOS)

05:38 – IOT (The Internet of Things)

06:30 – Levels of FxOS

08:58 – FxOS and JavaScript Frameworks and the Types of Apps on FxOS

13:08 – systemXHR (and Angular)

16:28 – The Flame (The Developer Reference Phone)

22:12 – Android and FsOS Compatibility

28:41 – Competition

29:45 – The UI (User Interface)

31:56 – Copy/Paste Feature

32:49 – Group Text

36:12 – FxOS & The Raspberry Pi

37:49 – An Alternative to Node?

38:15 – FsOX on Tablets

38:59 – Getting Started Developing an FxOS App

46:58 – Self Identifying as a FxOS User

51:15 – Cordova

52:51 – The Developer HUD

A Couple of Screencasts AJ Has Created Recently

Video: Abusing phones to make the internet of things

Firefox OS is marketed as an OS for mobile phones. Cool. But what if we do one step back and omit the UI layer. Then a Firefox OS phone is a handset that’s cheaper (25$) than a bare-bone Raspberry Pi, that includes a ton of sensors, GPS, network connectivity, a battery and a screen. And on top of that it’s running the Gecko render engine that has APIs to access all that goodness. It’s time to take some phones apart, start hacking and roll our own OS on top of Gecko. Internet of things FTW!

What about a Firefox OS based doorbell system over bluetooth? A jacket tracker with GPS in case you go out and your jacket gets jacked? A small device that tracks how much you drink during a party? Home surveillance using a network of phones and a bluetooth speaker for an alarm? In this session we’ll see some crazy hacks, and you’ll should be all set to start hacking yourself!

Transcript & slides: http://2014.jsconf.eu/speakers/jan-jo…