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125 Best Free Fonts of Year 2014

via Ceiba3D Studio | 125 Best Free Fonts of Year 2014.

With the  beginning of new year, each one of us is full of excitement and hope to see what’s in store for us. From astrological facts to change in the places or the way we work, the resources that we can see, predictions and much more, everyone is expecting positive changes in the year 2015.

Talk about designers and developers infact anyone contributing in the field of technology feels blessed for getting a helping hand to overcome the hurdles, solve various purpose or do the jobs effectively, thereby enhancing the productivity. With the increase in number of availability of useful resources, inspirational stuff it has become easy for the users to make optimum use of the resources in getting the job done and making the overall efforts pay off.

Our topic of the day is best free fonts 2014 that are creative, unique and available for free download to be used in different designing projects. Designers keep looking for fresh fonts that are creatively cool and ensure to gel well with their project thereby helping in getting the desired results.

Here, we have come up with the list of best free fonts of year 2014 that we liked. Wish to recall the free fonts 2014 to see which ones can be used in your current projects? Hit a jump and check them out.