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[JavaScript framework wars] May the force be with you

Before reading this post, just let you know that it could be very long post. If you don’t like to read, just scrolling down to the end of post because I put the stuff for evaluating JavaScript frameworks there. Using it to make the decision for your own with your own risk or read the […]


Using Slide Boxes and Tabs in Ionic Framework Apps

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In this article we are going to discuss creating an application that makes use of tabs, slide boxes, and cards.  The theme of the application will be cars, where two tabs will represent the interior and exterior photos of cars and the third tab will contain information.

Antelope Realtime Events

Click to Read: The Antelope Realtime Events project aims to make iterative and agile machine learning a practical reality in realtime applications. It derives from a proprietary framework used by if(we) to develop recommendation engines. By unifying the software that data scientists use to extract data for training a machine learning model with the software used to run that model in production, a much faster progress cycle becomes possible.

Part 2: Getting Started With Spring’s MVC Test Framework

Click to Read: The first blog in this mini-series introduced the Spring MVC Test Framework and demonstrated its use in unit testing Spring MVC Controller classes as controllers rather then as POJOs. It’s now time to talk about using the framework for integration testing.

Get KinectV2 skeletons into openFrameworks on your Mac

Click to Read: Easily get the Kinect V2 sensor‘s realtime skeleton data into openFrameworks on a Mac.

.NET Reference Source

Click to Read: The referencesource repository contains sources from Microsoft .NET Reference Source that represent a subset of the .NET Framework. This subset contains similar functionality to the class libraries that are being developed in .NET Core. We intend to consult the referencesource repository as we develop .NET Core. It is also for the community to leverage to enable more scenarios for .NET developers.

Framework for CSS postproccessors

Click to Read: PostCSS is a framework for CSS postprocessors, to modify CSS with JavaScript with full source map support.