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Gradle App Engine plugin

via GoogleAppEngine – GAE / J developed in Gradle – Qiita.

Google App Engine and (GAE) Although it is started as soon as they put the GAE plug-in to Eclipse if you develop in Java, considering the collaboration with team development and CI, still want to use the build tools such as Gradle.

It seems that recommends Maven to Google documents, but the plug-in for Gradle has also been published in more of Google official GitHub.

Gradle App Engine plugin
Gradle App Engine plugin (since GAE plug-in), the application of the build, the local server is running, test, a series of operations to be performed in the Google App Engine SDK, such as deploy (or later SDK) has been defined as a Gradle task.

But do not find too much information or on the net for a few people to use.
The first place, whether the GAE / Java development itself is out of such as pushed by trend Go, there are many things that are not helpful in just old material.

That said, still GAE has continued to evolve, GAE / Java SDK has also been frequently updated.
The 2014 has the appearance of Managed VM services, has increased the degree of freedom of the Java Runtime.
Android Studio also official version is released, the foundation of the project is a Gradle, this GAE plug-in has a built-in back-end development that has been integrated.
Java development of GAE is that the there is a momentum of comeback also fodder basis, such as technical information and books also will come again Desoro~tsu from per year.

As connection of up to it, I will be summarized notes of information that examined the status quo.
It is not fully organize good enough, but it would be in reference to pick up a starting point.
I want you to tell me if there is a mistake or typo.