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Making Money with iOS

There are certain technologies and techniques you can use in your apps that can directly help you make ‘mo money! And although money can’t buy happiness, you gotta pay for your beer somehow amirite?

Network Programming with iOS

You can take your app to the next level by integrating with a server-back end or allowing networking between devices. These tutorials show you how!

Other Game Programming Topics

While we’re on the topic of game programming, here are a few posts with some tips and tricks for game developers.

Other Game Engines

Other than Cocos2D and OpenGL, there are a lot of other great game frameworks available on iOS. If you want to play around with some of them as well, check out these tutorials!

Advanced Game Programming with OpenGL

The lowest level game programming API available on iOS is OpenGL ES 2.0. It gives you the most power and flexibility, but has a notoriously high learning curve. That’s where this site comes to the rescue – we try to explain it as simply as possible and get you started with some simple examples!

Beginning Game Programming with Unity

If you want to make 3D games (or cross-platform games), you should look into the Unity game engine! This is arguably the most popular game engine these days – and it’s particularly easy to learn for those new to programming. These tutorials will help get you started!

Beginning Game Programming with Corona

Another great way to make games on the iPhone is with a game framework called Corona. It has an easy to use programming language (Lua), and the games you make with it are cross platform and can run on Android as well!