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How to create and publish npm modules for Nodejs applications

A short tutorial on creating and publishing a simple and reusable npm module for nodejs applications.


TinyOS Support for XM1000 Motes

[DISCLAIMER: This post deals with adding support for TinyOS to work with the AdvanticSys’s XM1000 Motes. You should have git installed on your Linux machine A post on setting up a working TinyOS environment will follow soon] With those unfamiliar with WSN and TinyOS, I would like to redirect you to Laksh Bhatia’s blog. So […]


Protocol Buffers and RabbitMQ on Ubuntu 14.04 Part 1

This article is the first post in series: Introduce Protocol buffer and install protocol buffer compiler Wrire Producer and Consumer to work with protocol buffer and RabbitMQ Introduction In the distributed systems or systems is designed with micro services, to communicate between other systems is important. In the previous article, I am shown to you […]


Protocol Buffers and RabbitMQ on Ubuntu 14.04 Part 2

This article is the second post in series: Introduce Protocol buffer and install protocol buffer compiler Wrire Producer and Consumer to work with protocol buffer and RabbitMQ In the previous article, we have installed Protocol buffer, define .proto file and use protocol buffer compiler to compile .protocol file. In this article, we will continue step […]


Git pre-commit hook for JSCS

No more code style debates, use JSCS to catch differences in code style.


Building maintainable step-by-step tutorials with Git

via Building maintainable step-by-step tutorials with Git.

Meteor’s goal is to make building great apps easier than ever before, and the experience for new users is a very important part of that mission. We found that walking people through all of the Meteor’s best features one-by-one is the most effective way to get people excited about the platform. When you try using Meteor to build a simple app and compare it to your previous experience with other platforms, it becomes very clear why a lot of people are very excited about what Meteor brings to the table.

I’d like to share with you some of our experiences building a tutorial that is easy for us to update, and easy for the readers to follow. This includes:

  1. The maintenance problems that arise when you have a step-by-step code tutorial that you want to update often
  2. How we solved that for the Meteor tutorials while improving the tutorial user experience
  3. How we can make these tools available for everyone!

Install RabbitMQ and Send JSON data With Python on Ubuntu

Introduction RabbitMQ is one of the more popular message broker solutions, offered with an open-source license (Mozilla Public License v1.1) as an implementation of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol(AMQP). Developed using the Erlang language, it is actually relatively easy to use and get started. It was first published in early 2007. In this article, I will […]