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How to create and publish npm modules for Nodejs applications

A short tutorial on creating and publishing a simple and reusable npm module for nodejs applications.


Continuous Deployment, NodeJS and Microsoft Azure

I’m progressing nicely on my side project. I’ve got a base server running in NodeJS and a nice web client that can be built using Gulp. I’m getting to the point where I want to run it in the cloud. That means creating an application within Microsoft Azure and setting up continuous deployment from GitHub. […]


Using the Testing Harness for Neo4j Extensions

I’ve been creating both unit tests and integration tests for Neo4j Unmanaged Extensions for far too long. The Neo4j Testing Harness was introduced in version 2.1.6 to simplify our lives and just do integration tests. Let’s try it on and see just how awesome we look. First thing we need to do is add the […]


Building GitHub projects on Jenkins slaves on OpenShift

This post showed how to build GitHub projects with Jenkins, Maven and SonarQube 4 on OpenShift. For starters, it used the Jenkins master node for running build jobs. However, when running on a small gear, the master node might run out of memory pretty fast, resulting in a reboot of the node during builds. In […]


Announcing Cache-Tier Python File Server on GitHub

About a month ago I decided to move the audio traffic (MP3’s, etc.) for my podcast Talk Python To Me. I realized that while I had been using Amazon S3 to deliver the files and it was working wonderfully in terms of delivery, it was getting expensive. There are other hosting platforms that will let […]


Android Custom Toast Notification Example

This example shows how to create a custom toast notification instead of android basic toast notification activity_custom_toast.xml activity_custom_toast.xml is the layout of the main main activity toast_layout.xml toast_layout.xml is used to create the custom layout with a ImageView and a TextView. I have used Table row to simplify the alignments CustomToast.java Main activity   Download […]


Free Static Sites with Middleman and Github

via Free Static Sites with Middleman and Github.

We are going to learn how to use Middleman to develop the site, and GitHub to host it. Let’s get started!

What is a Static Site?

A static site does not have any dynamic content. Great examples of static sites are blogs, landing pages and product pages. Since a static site comes “as-is”, it is extremely fast.